Friday, December 12, 2008

my new "future" phone

i really want this phone.
my mom doesn't think i'm responsible enough!
so UNtrue!
help yourself if u like buy me one!

handling her life

So......... i have this cousin.......... her name is Geniveve Mahealani Gascon.......... but u can call her mahea............... she's 17.................... i don't know what year she was born, what her favorite food is, favorite color but............. we are the best of friends. We share all our secrets. if i have any problems at all, i can come crying to her. i know she can do the same. previously i've been around her more. wanna know why? cuz she's having a baby. Somewhere in July she found out she was hapai. the father of the baby left because he he's in the military. she's gettin' really big and every time she says he's kicking, i practically have a heart attack! sometimes when i'm at her house i realize how tough her life is. not just cuz she's pregnant, but because of what she went through until this day. growing up from a toddler, she grew up with her mom as an alcoholic. she also had a little brother who right now is 15. her mom drank every day. every night mahea had to make dinner for herself, feed herself and her brother. she learned what responsibility was at an early age. along with all this she also learned what attitude and back talking was. can u imagine living like this for 5 straight years? so as she grew up she kind of lived as she pleased and did her own thing/ to this day her mom is going to meetings with other people, trying to overcome being an alcoholic. she has not had a drink for about 150 days. our family is so proud of her. she has made it this far and that's what counts.
my cousin has been through A lOT.
yes she has made MANY mistakes but i think that's why she's such a good person to talk to.